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The ‘ANUREX IDEA’ of applying controlled cold (cryotherapy) for the relief of hemorrhoids was born in the late seventies. The inventor, Jerzy Pohler, conceived the idea of applying controlled cold directly to the rectal tissue to bring Rapid Relief from hemorrhoids –employing the widely used medical practice of applying ice to certain injuries to bring rapid relief. After a few years of successful research and testing – Anurex was born.
‘ANUREX’ was developed and initially patented in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and other countries worldwide. During this period “ANUREX’ was also registered with the F.D.A. in U.S.A. and other Health Ministries and Regulatory Agencies around the world that include Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Colombia and Brazil.
Anurex is the only available product of its kind on the market with proven efficacy and safety supported and documented by Controlled Clinical studies published in Major Medical Journals in world wide. Clinical trials proved Anurex to be effective in 85-95% in all patients (see DR.W. Ruud Video)
We the Anurex Tim are very grateful to DR. Warren Rudd for conducting extensive Clinical studies and endorsement of the ‘ANUREX’ . DR.W. Rudd is the world-renowned colon and rectal Specialist-surgeon, and founder of Canada’s Rudd Clinic- Internationally recognized center for the treatment of diseases of the colon and rectum. DR.W. Rudd. has pioneered many of the treatments for diseases of the colon and rectum that are widely used today.


DR. W. Rudd is also the author of numerous publications

As well as the author of the Book  “ADVICE from the RUDD CLINIC- a Guide to Colorectal Health.”
In his book DR.W Rudd explains that one of the most common cancers- of the colon and rectum often can be prevented.  He also describes the most frequently missed anal diagnosis “anusitis” – an anal irritation that can be treated with “ANUREX”!

We are proud to offer this significant 100% Drug-Free and EFFECTIVE product

which  as many users say  ……..


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