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There’s sound evidence that eating properly builds the immune system and protects us from illness and effects of aging. Food is also the key to losing weight and ending mood swings and depression.

If food is the best medicine like garlic and apple cider vinegar –the healing twins- of the Nature’s most powerful prescriptions. Use these easy, inexpensive folk remedies to treat common conditions and even reverse aging process-you’ll look and feel great!  Eat FOODS PRODUCED BY PLANTS AND MANUFACTURED IN PLANTS!

Follow the formula what Socrates ones said “let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food”



Human body is the most complex machinery on planet earth.

FACT is that our body CAN HEAL ITSELF under conditions that it is in balance and has all the resources available to do so.

FOUNDATION TO OPTIMAL HEALTH ….. We need to build foundation in order for our body to balance itself. Once our body is in balance it will heal itself.


Simple 6 step system to balance our body and be healthy:

    1. Balance in the body starts with digestive system – detoxify your system starting from cleansing your colon, intestines, liver and kidney.
    2. ADD ESSENTIAL nutrients from Mother Nature to your diet. We need supplements that contain high levels of alkaline forming foods. Eat foods produced by plants and NOT manufactured in plants.
    3. We continuously need to detoxify our bodies from harmful food toxins, heavy metals, polluted air radio-active elements and medications waste just to mention few. All pollutants that we exposed to them daily create health problems and help forming free radicals that cause cancer. One of the most important way fight it and protect yourself is to  drink plenty of alkaline – ionized water.
    4. We also need to take Natural PROBIOTICS (opposite of antibiotics). Probiotics not only aid in cleansing the intestinal tract and walls but also kill viruses and parasites, normalize bowel movements, produce many enzymes, increase the bioavailability of the other nutrients such as vitamin B, K, calcium, lactase and fatty acids and strengthen our immune system. PROBIOTICS also produce Lactoferrin as a byproduct of their Metabolism. Lactoferrin is an iron-building protein essential in retrieving iron from foods we consume, and therefore can relief iron deficiencies. As part of a meal or meal replacement, probiotics break dawn hydrocarbons resulting in our body being split in the most basic elements that allows for maximum absorption through our digestive system. The daily recommended dosage is 1 billion. One of the best source of Natural Probiotics are fermented foods like sauerkraut also organically made buttermilk.
    5. Enzymes to help digestion. Food enzymes are destroyed when cooking at moderate to high temperatures. Raw food is the best!!
    6. Drink plenty of “alkaline ionized” water for you OPTIMAL HEALTH!



* REJUVENATE WITH ANTIOXIDANTS (raw foods alkaline forming)

What is THE ALKALINE Way and how is it beneficial:

PH is a measurement of acidy and alkalinity on the scale of 0 to 14 where 7 is neutral.

The internal environment of your body should be maintained at pH 7.356

Therefore alkaline forming foods are friendly to your wellbeing.



SAY GOODBY! To problems like: digestion, constipation, hemorrhoids, even if you have struggled with it for decades. Say HELLO to healthy, regular bowel movement, superior clean colon and in general healthy life! More energy Feel again absolutely wonderful



Discover how to beat cancer, diabetes, prevent heart attacks, detoxify and cleanse your entire body, overcome almost any health problem and then maintain excellent health using gifts of Nature.


Available Publications

  • HEALTH is WEALTHDiscover key points to restore, balance and then to maintain your health at its best.
  • ULTIMATE BODY CLEANSINGFind out how to detoxify and cleanse your entire body and lose weight in just 10 days with simple ingredience like: sugar cane, cayenne pepper and lemon combination.
  • SQUATTING vs. SEATING Learn how to avoid a major starting point to almost all disease that starts by sitting on your own modern toilet.
  • MANS OPTIMAL HEALTH Learn simple steps to a good health, what type of vitamins, minerals and supplements you need to obtain and maintain optimal health and vitality (formula)
  • WOMANS OPTIMAL HEALTH Learn simple steps to a good health, what type of vitamins, minerals and supplements you need to obtain and maintain optimal health and vitality (formula)
  • LIFE CONDUCTS AND RULES Find out simple practical rules of life to enable you to resolve almost any problem in any situation



ANUREX – SQ – STOOL – Constipation – Hemorrhoids

By elevating your feet to a certain position of (35-40⁰) when sitting on the toilet is the starting point to get rid of almost all sicknesses and return to a normal healthy life. How is that?  By elevating your feet to certain position when on the toilet your puberectals muscle will allow you for easy and complete elimination? In contrary when sitting on the modern high toilet that puberectal muscle is not relaxed and therefore preventing from normal evacuation of urine and fecal matter and then causing back up of the fecal matter in your system and leads to all health problems.

Here are just a few advantages of using Anurex SQ-stool:  

  • Makes elimination faster easier and more complete therefore prevents colon cancer, appendicitis and inflammatory bowel disease
  • Protects the nerves that control prostate, bladder and uterus from becoming stretched and damaged
  • Securely seals the ileocecal valve, between the colon and the small intestine, preventing contaminating the small intestine.
  • Relaxes the puborectalis muscle which normally chocks the rectum in order to maintain continence
  • Supports the colon to prevent straining on the toilet that causes: hernias, diverticulosis and pelvic organ prolapse
  • For pregnant woman avoids pressure on the uterus when using the toilet. Over the time that posture helps prepare for more natural delivery and prevents hemorrhoids
  • A highly effective, non –invasive posture that prevents hemorrhoids, prostate (therefore improving sexual ability) and many other modern diseases.

Anurex SQ- Stool- comforter is a perfectly design universal model to be easily used from 9 year old child to adult of any age and gives perfect desired posture position when on the toilet and for the comfort and easy elimination.







100% Natural Fiber. This 100% pure fiber comes from Plantago ovata husks of the plant’s seed and commonly called Psyllium Husks Research proved many health benefits, from your heart to your pancreas. It is a bulk forming laxative that makes your bowel movements much easier so  you go easily to the bathroom and promotes regularity and overall digestive health. It also has been proven to help people with diabetes (to manage their blood sugar). Some research suggested that fibers like Psyllium Husks can help maintain a healthy glycemic balance in diabetes two and 10 grams of this fiber daily taken with probiotics is a safe and effective way to treat Crohn disease. Other health benefits; helps to avoid constipation (that usually causes hemorrhoids and anal fissures), it also may lower your risk of heart disease (by lowering your blood pressure, improving your lipid levels and strengthening your heart muscle), helps to manage cholesterol levels (with practically no side effects), because psyllium  husks absorbs liquid in your body, it can help give you a feeling of being full (this can help to control the amount of food you eat –therefore controls your weight) . The National health Institutes recommend taking psyllium husks in 100% Natural powder -1-table spoon mixed with 8 ounces of liquid (mineral water or juice you like) before going to sleep. It is also suggested to always consult your physician. Our 100% fiber is not processed or altered in any way therefore 100% pure. One month supply:





Natural Fossil Earth is a naturally occurring rock made from the skeleton of fossilized diatoms, a type of hard shelled algae. When grinded into a fine powder, it works mechanically to destroy a wide range of pests, parasites and pathogens by cutting through the exoskeleton, absorbing bodily fluids and causing them to die.FOD GRADENFE is a chemical free, nontoxic with no additives or any other process and or alternations in any way – 100% NATURAL.



It is believed that as these millions of cylinders move through the stomach and digestive tract, NFE sweeps bacteria , viruses, fungi, protozoa, parasites, pesticides, drug residues, herbicides, genetically modified seed effects (herbicides containing primarily glyphosate) and heavy metals out of the body and by trapping it in its honeycomb – shaped skeletal form and flushing them out of the body.                                                                                                                                         

MAIN USES: Detoxification of the body – inside and out, protecting pets and livestock from parasites and insect infestation and keeps your garden (plants, vegetables) pest – free and 100% Natural.

Main Uses and how it is used for the best effects and by the reports of the users! Fossil earth detoxifies mercury, cadmium, lead and other heavy metals; removes poisons from radiation and may alleviate from the effects of herbicides containing glyphosate (contributing to autism and cancer). Fossil earth possesses antibacterial, anti-fungal ad antiviral properties. In addition to detoxifying and destroying pathogens, Fossil Earth helps to lower blood pressure and contributes to the production of collagen to improve skin tone, strengthening the tendons and joints.


Protect grains and dry goods


You may add Fossil Earth to bulk grains and legumes to keep opportunistic pests out of your pantry. Use it together in bags of dried food of dog, cat and foods for livestock.




Sprinkle fossil earth on furniture, rugs and in cracks around the edge of baseboards to kill insects. Leave powder for several hours or longer, and then vacuum.




The above content for educational purposes only. Always please see your medical professional and for any health concerns you may have. Statements herein have not been evaluated by the FDA . The information herein has been collected from known scientific health research sources. However and again -it is not intended to advice treat, prevent or cure.




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