Hemorrhoids Pain Relief



Anurex is your answer to immediate soothing hemorrhoids pain relief by introducing controlled cold directly to the swollen painful, bleeding hemorrhoid tissues. Anurex works in case of internal and external hemorrhoids. Edematous Prolapse — Anurex brings a decrease of hemorrhoid edema — Infiltration, pain and the disappearance of sphincter contracture and as a final result gives desired pain relief. Anal Fissures — Anurex has been found very useful in treatment of moderate hypertonia and very beneficial for contracture and pain relief, in cases of old fissures. In case of hemoroidal thrombosis Anurex causes a quick decrease of pain and desorption of clot and in just a few days of the treatment. After removal of thrombus, — Anurex treatment counteracts edema and causes significant improvement accompanied with an almost immediate healing. In case of Papillitis— Anurex is extremely effective as an anti— inflammatory agent-it provides much better and faster results (pain Relief) than any other therapeutic means. Anurex was also found extremely helpful in PRE-POST — Proctologic Surgery (Fibrous Stenosis) to relief pain and speed up recovery!


the only clinically proven natural treatment for internal – external hemorrhoids to rapidly eliminate pain, itching, burning, bleeding and other related hemorrhoid discomforts. When used as directed, Anurex will facilitate the healing process therefore, may eliminate need for painful surgery. Since anurex is drug free home self-treatment anybody can use it including pregnant woman and without of any fear of side effects or allergic reactions.


“You have nothing to lose, but your pain and suffering”


DISCLAIMERall statements herein were made and assigned only and specifically referring to ANUREX therapy and according to performed Clinical Study’s, Doctor Opinions and user testimonials! It is always recommended to diagnose the problem first by your specialist and follow his advice!